1. How can I become a stockholder?
Stockholders must own property in Woodhaven Shores. An individual can only own one share of stock regardless of the number of lots owned. Contact the office or use the link in the “about” tab on the home page. The stock fee is $10. There are no dividends paid to stockholders. Only stockholders can cast a vote at the annual meeting. Only stockholders are eligible to be elected to the Board of Directors.

2. What is the billing cycle?
Bills are sent quarterly in January, April, July, & October for the previous 3 months. Bills are due within 20 days of the billing date. Late charges are added 30 days after the billing date.

3. Can you send the bill to the tenants who live in my house?
Yes. Please contact the office and we well send you the paperwork to complete to make that change. You, as the owner, are still ultimately responsible if the tenant does not pay the bill.

4. Can I pay my bill with a credit/debit card or directly through my bank account?
Yes! We have a link on our web site to pay through PayPal. You will need to set up an account with PayPal to pay through your bank account. There is no fee to pay with PayPal.

5. Can I pay monthly?
Yes. Several customers pay monthly. If you send a payment without the bill stub, please put the account number on the memo section of your check to ensure it is applied to the correct account. You will still get the quarterly bill, but it will reflect payments that were made during the quarter.

6. What do I do if I have a leak?
If the leak is in the house, turn the water off at the master shut off valve in the house and call a plumber. If you do not have a master shut off valve, call our emergency number. If we have staff on duty, we can shut the water off at the meter. Otherwise, you should call a plumber to shut off the water at the meter. If the leak is in the yard between your house and the meter, you will need to call a plumber to repair that leak.

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